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An exhaustive analysis of the topic, this book explores the nature and identity of the angel of the Lord as well as his relationship to other angels and God himself. The authority for all assertions presented and conclusions drawn is the Holy Bible. Accordingly, the emphasis is on what the Bible veritably says. Although diverse sentiments are presented, the real concern is the exact, literal, precise, definite meaning of what the Bible specifically and unequivocally states. This entails both a meticulous and methodical approach to our understanding of the subject with the Bible forming an intrinsic part of the narrative. Considered theologically, this biblically-based examination of the angel of the Lord finds its background in Angelology and its fulfillment in Christology. From a practical standpoint, however, it seeks to assemble all the available biblical data concerning angels into one convenient source where the Bible is allowed to speak for itself and subsequently correct all errors, fallacies, and misconceptions of men. The book contains five chapters, along with a preface, footnotes, bibliography, and Scripture index.

Excerpt From The Angel of the Lord