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"Christians and the Military: A Dissenting View," June 2005

"Bush: No Higher Calling Than Military Service," July 2005

"Death: The Claremont Institute Style of Patriotism," July 2005

"Is the United States a Terrorist State?" August 2005

"Wave the Banner High," August 2005

"Savage Conservative Warmongers," August 2005

"Have They No Shame?" September 2005

"Bush is Mad," September 2005   

"And We Call Them Terrorists?" September 2005

"What Do You Call It?" October 2005

"The Warped Mentality of Warmongers," October 2005

"Will Durant on the State and War," November 2005

"War: A Crime against Civilization," November 2005

"Was Erasmus Talking about George WMD Bush?" December 2005

"What is the Cost of the War in Iraq?" December 2005

"Hitler Is Back," December 2005

"Rep. Kucinich vs. Pres. Bush," December 2005

"One Man Against Seven Military Recruiters," January 2006

"Will the Troops Ever Leave Iraq?" January 2006

"The President's Official Portrait," January 2006

"Your Tax Dollars at Work," February 2006

"More of Your Tax Dollars at Work," February 2006

"Hedonists with Guns," February 2006

"Bush's War is Anti-Christian," March 2006

"Simple Yet Profound," March 2006

"Classic War Movies," March 2006

"Those Elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction," April 2006

"A Trillion Here a Trillion There," April 2006

"Soldiers' Rights" May 2006

"I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier," May 2006

"Some Job," June 2006

"Conservative War Tanks," August 2006

"The Bush Eye Chart," August 2006

"Henry Kissinger on Vietnam," September 2006

"The War on Terror: Our Hundred Years’ War," September 2006

"Bush's Spelling Error," October 2006

"Saddam Hussein: For Better or Worse," October 2006

"The Next Edition of the History of Torture," October 2006

"Army Recruiters Getting Desperate," November 2006

"Thousands of U.S. Troops Are Security Risks," November 2006

"The Logic of National Review," November 2006

"Nine Grieving Families: How Many More?" December 2006

"War and Freedom of the Press," December 2006

"Dialogue Session with President Bush," December 2006

"Can Anyone Stop This War?" January 2007

"Colin Powell Gets It Right," January 2007

"Robert Byrd on Bush’s Troop Surge Plan," January 2007

"Putin Again," March 2007

"Ron Paul Interview," March 2007

"The Architects of War: Where Are They Now?" March 2007

"War Brings out the Worst in Everyone," April 2007

"The President of Iran Is Not Hitler," April 2007

"A Wedding Made in Iraq," May 2007

"The Expanding Vietnam Veterans Memorial," May 2007

"Deja Vu," May 2007

"The Problem with All U.S. Military Interventions," June 2007

"Brutality in Iraq: Courtesy of U.S. Soldiers," July 2007

"An Anti-War Senator," August 2007

"Thousands or Millions?" September 2007

"Army Suicide Rate Soaring" September 2007

"Christ or Caesar?" October 2007

"The Hidden Costs of the War" November 2007

"What Is the Purpose of the Military?" December 2007

"Republican Politician Admits that Waterboarding Is Torture," February 2008

"Let Us Not Forget," March 2008

"The Hessians Are Coming," April 2008

"How Many McVeighs Will This War Create?" April 2008

"The Feminization of the Military," June 2008

"The Arrogant Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government," August 2008

"U.S. Military Presence Worldwide," August 2008

"Palin Is Dumber Than Bush and More Dangerous Than McCain," September 2008

"Every Iraqi Was Murdered," September 2008

"The Problem with the Blackwater Indictments," December 2008

"U.S. Army Recruiting at the Mall with Videogames," January 2009

"Is Obama a Terrorist?" January 2009

"Enlisting Homeschoolers," March 2009

"The Greatest Blunder in British History," March 2009

"War Criminal or Hero?" May 2009

"Why Are British Troops in Afghanistan?" July 2009

"The Wisdom of Harry Patch" August 2009

"Vietnam: Still an Unjust War" August 2009

"I Have the Answer," November 2009

"Gitmo 9/11 Suspects," November 2009

"Letter to a Christian Young Man Regarding Joining the Military," December 2009

"Blair Lied, Thousands Died," January 2010

"Re: US Choppers Slaying Reporters, Civilians," April 2010

"The Hug Lady," November 2010

"Worth It for Whom?" February 2011

"Combat or Rescue Mission? August 2011

"Military Recruiters Face Competition," October 2011

"It Is Dangerous to Be in the Military," March 2012

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