Book Reviews by Laurence M. Vance

Laurence M. Vance has reviewed books published by: 

Broadman & Holman, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Zondervan, Baker, Eerdmans, Kregel, HarperOne, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Crossway, Baylor University Press, Hendrickson, William Morrow, Georgetown University Press, Regnery, NYU Press, Scribner, Mercer University Press, Wipf and Stock, InterVarsity Press, Westminster John Knox Press, Encounter Books, Independent Institute, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Pearson/Prentice Hall,, Mises Institute, American Institute for Economic Research, University of Chicago Press, and Routledge.

Here is a selection of book reviews. More reviews will soon be added.

"What Reality Teaches Us," Future of Freedom, May 2013
A review of No, They Canít: Why Government FailsóBut Individuals Succeed,  by John Stossel

"Sow It Everywhere,", August 2013
A review of Smoke Signals: A Social History of MarijuanaóMedical, Recreational, and Scientific, by Martin A. Lee

"The Moral Case for a Free Economy," Future of Freedom, August 2013
A review of Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy, by Robert Sirico

"Just Nonsense,", August 2013
A review of Just Politics: A Guide for Christian Engagement, by Ronald J. Sider

"Revisiting Vietnam," FFF Daily, October 2013
A review of Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam, by Nick Turse

"An Injury to Civilization,", November 2013
A review of The Lost History of 1914: Reconsidering the Year the Great War Began, by Jack Beatty

"God's Own Party?", January 2014
A review of Godís Own Party: The Making of the Christian Right, Daniel K. Williams

"A Most Radical Libertarian Book," Future of Freedom, March 2015
A review of Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion, by Thomas E. Woods

"Serving Two Masters,", June 2015
A review of Jesus Was an Airborne Ranger: Find Your Purpose Following the Warrior Christ, by John McDougall

"A Constitutionalist Who Doesn't Even Follow the Constitution,", June 2015
A review of Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of Americaís Founding Document, by Mike Lee

"Review of Ron Paul's New Book 'Swords into Plowshares,'" The New American, August 24, 2015
A review of Swords into Plowshares: A Life in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity, by Ron Paul.

"The Moral Bankruptcy of Just War Theory,", April 2016
A review of Killing from the Inside Out: Moral Injury and Just War, by Robert Emmet Meagher

"Missing the Real Issue on Welfare,", July 2016
A review of The Human Cost of Welfare: How the System Hurts the People Itís Supposed to Help, by Phil Harvey and Lisa Conyers

"Socialism Laid Bare,", September 2016
A review of The Problem with Socialism, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

"Should Christians Vote?", November 2016
A review of Electing Not to Vote: Christian Reflections on Reasons for Not Voting, by Ted Lewis

"Libertarianism Wins Hands Down,", September 2017
A review of Selfish Libertarians and Socialist Conservatives? The Foundations of the Libertarian-Conservative Debate, by Nathan Schlueter and Nikolai Wenzel

"Review of Perspectives on Israel and the Church: 4 Views," Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, Autumn 2017
A review of Perspectives on Israel and the Church: 4 Views, by Chad O. Brand, Tom Pratt Jr., Robert L. Reymond, Robert L. Saucy, and Robert Thomas. Edited by Chad O. Brand.

"Hey There, Big Spender," The New American, February 5, 2018
A review of Eleven Presidents: Promises vs. Results in Achieving Limited Government, by Ivan Eland

"Desire Doesn't Drive Reality," The New American, April 23, 2018
A review of When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, by Ryan T. Anderson

"The Triumph of Christianity," The New American, June 18, 2018
A review of The Triumph of Christianity: How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World, by Bart Ehrman

"Christian and Libertarian,", April 2019
A review of Called to Freedom: Why You Can Be Christian and Libertarian, by Elise Daniel, ed.

"The Greatest Generation of Whoremongers,", June 2019
A review of What Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in World War II France, by Mary Louise Roberts

"Review of 'For a New Liberalism,'" The New American, December 23, 2019
A review of For a New Liberalism, by Richard Ebeling

"The Case for Moral Libertarianism," The New American, March 23, 2020
A review of Against the Left, by Lew Rockwell

"Review of 'The Problem with Lincoln,'" The New American, August 2020
A review of The Problem with Lincoln, by Thomas DiLorenzo

Book reviews from the Journal of Dispensational Theology are all located here.