Articles by Laurence M. Vance on Christianity and the State

"Mises Debunks the Religious Case for the State," Mises Daily, February 2005

"The Christmas that Almost Wasn't,", December 2005

"Blasphemy in Song,", July 2006

"A Christian Against the State,", January 2007

"Christianity in Eclipse," Pro Libertate E-Magazine, February 2007

"Christianity in Eclipse,", May 2008

"Elijah vs. the State,", August 2008

"Herod's Henchmen,", December 2008

"Separating the State from the Church,", July 2009

"The American Warmonger's Bible,", July 2010

"Oxymoronic or Moronic?", June 2011

"One Reason Why Christians Should Not Recite the Pledge of Allegiance,", November 2011

"Republican Politics According to the Bible,", November 2011

"Romans 13 and National Defense,", October 2011

"Should Christians Support the War on Drugs?", March 2012

"Romans 13 and Obeying the Government,", June 2012

"If I Were a Pastor,", August 2013

"My Iconoclastic Agenda,", September 2013

"Peculiar Ideas", July 2014

"Can a Christian Be a Cop?", July 2014

"Why Churches Shouldn't Be Used As Polling Places,", November 2014

"The Ultimate in Patriotic Blasphemy,", March 2015

"Should Christians Vote?", November 2016

"Would Jesus Celebrate Memorial Day?", May 2017

"Patriotic Services,", July 2017

"Sacraments of the American Civil Religion,", May 2019

"Should Christians Just Shut Up When the Government Speaks?", April 2020

"A Double Whammy,", July 2020

"The Unholy Trinity,", March 2021

"An American High Holy Day,", June 2021

"Another Blasphemous Bible,", July 2021

"Another Double Whammy,", November 2022