Articles by Laurence M. Vance on Christianity and War

"Christianity and War,", October 2003

"Falwell's Folly,", February 2004

"Gott Mit Uns,", December 2004

"Christianity and War Revisited,", January 2005

"Charles Spurgeon on Christian War Fever,", March 2005

"Are You a Christian Warmonger?", April 2005

"The Warmonger's Beatitudes,", May 2005

"Vicesimus Knox: Minister of Peace,", October 2005

"The Early Christian Attitude to War,", November 2005

"Humpty Dumpty Religion,", December 2005

"The Wicked Bible and the Wicked War,", March 2006

"Is It or Isn't It?", April 2006

"The President's Prayer,", April 2006

"Beam Christians,", May 2006

"Christianity and the War,", June 2006

"The Christian Axis of Evil,", July 2006

"The Hypocrisy of Christian Warmongers,", August 2006

"The Unholy Desire of Christians to Legitimize Killing in War", May 2007

"War, Foreign Policy, and the Church,", June 2007

"War, Gunboat Policy, and the Church,", July 2007

"What Happened to the Southern Baptists?", August 2007

"The Doctrine of a Christian Warmonger,", October 2007

"What about Hitler?", November 2007

"Christianity and War Revisited Again,", January 2008

"Christianity and War,", June 2008

"Double-Minded Warmongers,", July 2008

"J. Gresham Machen on Imperialism, Militarism, and Conscription,", August 2008

"Faith of Our Fathers,", October 2008

"The Triumph of Imperial Christianity,", November 2008

"Warmongering vs. the Sanctity of Life," Campaign for Liberty, January 2010

"Can a Christian Kill for His Government?", May 2010

"Pro-Lifers for Mass Murder,", January 2011

"The Greatest Christian Warmonger of All Time,", February 2011

"A Christian Warmonger on Steroids,", February 2011

"The Criminality of War,", April 2011

"Killing Is Your Life Work,", May 2011

"A Christian Killer Par Excellence,", May 2011

"The Warmonger's Fruit of the Spirit,", June 2011

"Christianity and War,", August 2011

"Nuke 'Em and God Will Bless You,", August 2011

"Are You an Imperial Christian?", September 2011

"Theological Schizophrenia,", December 2011

"A War Prayer for the Twenty-First Century", January 2012

"The Curse of Standing Armies,", August 2012

"And Your Point Is?", October 2012

"Legitimate Murder?", December 2012

"Is God against Drones?", March 2013

"Janus Christians,", March 2013

"Alexander Campbell, Tolbert Fanning, David Lipscomb: A Nineteenth-Century Anti-War Triumvirate,", March 2013

"Erasmus on Christianity and War,", November 2013

"Christians and the Communist Boogeyman,", March 2014

"Nuclear Christians,", August 2014

"Sniper Theology,", February 2015

"Joseph Judson Taylor: Baptist Pacifist,", March 2015

"Where Is the Outrage?", July 2015

"Old Testament Christians,", September 2015

"Christian Jihadists,", December 2015

"The Prince of Peace vs. the God of War,", December 2015

"When Christians Sold out to the State En Masse,", April 2017

"So What? Christians,", December 2017

"Pray for Ukraine?", September 2022

"Warvangelicals, Dispensationalism, and Israel,", November 2023