Articles by Laurence M. Vance on the U.S. Global Empire

"The U.S. Global Empire,", March 2004

"The Bases of Empire,", March 2004

"Guarding the Empire,", October 2004

"What's Wrong with the U.S. Global Empire?", May 2005

"Today Iraq, Tomorrow the World,", December 2005

"Update on the Empire,", February 2007

"The Beginnings of Empire,", February 2007

"Ninety-Five Years to Go,", April 2008

"Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall," Takiís Magazine, June 2009

"Same Empire, Different Emperor,", February 2010

The Real Reason Guantanamo Should Be Closed," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, January 2012

"Fact Checking the Washington Post,", February 2012

"America the Invader,", November 2015

"The U.S. Empire Is Alive and Well,", June 2020