Articles by Laurence M. Vance in Freedom Daily

Published by the Future of Freedom Foundation

(Beginning in 2012, this is called Future of Freedom)

"What a Republican Majority Has Not Meant," July 2004

"The Great Voucher Fraud," December 2004

"Minimum Wage, Maximum Intervention, Part 1," November 2005

"Minimum Wage, Maximum Intervention, Part 2," December 2005

"Funding Leviathan, Part 1," March 2007

"Funding Leviathan, Part 2," April 2007

"The Nanny State," October 2008

"The Unemployment Racket," June 2009

"The Moral Case for Drug Freedom, Part 1,"August 2010

"The Moral Case for Drug Freedom, Part 2," September 2010

"Lessons from a Bloated Budget," November 2010

"A Dictionary of Libertarianism" February 2011

"The Best Introduction to Libertarianism" April 2011

"Should Social Security Be Saved?" July 2011

"Rolling Back the Myth of Good Government," August 2011

"Korea Shows All that is Wrong with U.S. Foreign Policy," October 2011

"The Problem with Public Education," November 2011

"The Natural Right to Be Free," March 2012

"Constitutional Conservative or Libertarian?" May 2012

"Citizens United and the First Amendment," August 2012

"Is Social Security Welfare," September 2012

"The Successes and Failures of Social Security," January 2013

"Taxi Tyranny," February 2013

"What Reality Teaches Us," May 2013

"The Moral Case for a Free Economy," August 2013

"Revisiting Vietnam," October 2013

"The Root of Support for the Drug War," January 2015

"A Most Radical Libertarian Book," March 2015

"The Simplicity of Libertarianism," June 2015

"Build It and They Will Come," July 2015

"The War that Justified Other Wars," August 2015

"The Consistency of Libertarianism," September 2015

"The Morality of Libertarianism," October 2015

"Free the Gas Pumps!" November 2015

"Unions and Strikes in a Free Society," December 2015

"The Libertarian Solution," January 2016

"The Fatal Flaw," February 2016

"The Libertarian Sticking Point," March 2016

"Can a Business Overcharge Its Customers?" April 2016

"Conservatism and Libertarianism," May 2016

"Free Trade Is Fair Trade," June 2016

"The Right to Hire and Fire," July 2016

"Government Licensing or Private Certification," August 2016

"Let the States Decide," September 2016

"Does the Second Amendment Even Exist?" October 2016

"The Change America Needs Is Libertarianism," November 2016

"Workplace Smoking," December 2016

"It Is Congress that Needs to Be Limited," January 2017

"The Marijuana Juggernaut Rolls On," February 2017

"Free the Airports!" March 2017

"The Conservative Mantra," April 2017

"The Irrelevancy of Trump's Cabinet Picks," May 2017

"An America First Foreign Policy," June 2017

"How Not to Cut Welfare Spending," July 2017

"Free the Fire Stations!" August 2017

"Feeling Helpless against the IRS?" September 2017

"What Americans Should Know about the Constitution," October 2017

"Middlemen, Government, and the Free Market," November 2017

"The Problem with Conservatism," December 2017

"Paycheck Plus Welfare," January 2018

"How to Make America Great Again," February 2018

"A Complete and Utter Failure," March 2018

"Dress Codes, Discrimination, and a Free Society" April 2018

"Mencken's Plan, Read's Rule," May 2018

"Leave Social Security out of It," June 2018

"Seven Implications of Protectionism," July 2018

"Balanced Budget Baloney," August 2018

"Efficiency Experts for the Welfare State," September 2018

"Canons of Libertarianism," October 2018

"O Canada, and the Drug War," November 2018

"Businesses that Should Not Exist," December 2018

"Your Tax Dollars at Work," January 2019

"Equal Employment Opportunity Is Bad Law," February 2019

"Blasphemy Laws and Other Victimless Crimes," March 2019

"Time to End the Postal Monopoly," April 2019

"Asking the Wrong Questions," May 2019

"What Would a Free Society Actually Look Like?" June 2019

"Americans Didn't Need the Original New Deal," July 2019

"Why Republicans Are Powerless against Socialism," August 2019

"The Specter of Communism Is Haunting Illinois," September 2019

"Monsters and U.S. Foreign Policy," October 2019

"Why I Am So Passionate about Ending the Drug War," November 2019

"Unlibertarian Libertarianism," December 2019

"Ice and Fire," January 2020

"Are Uber Drivers Underpaid?" February 2020

"Are Americans Undertaxed?" March 2020

"Religion and Education in a Free Society," April 2020

"Democrats, Republicans, and the Constitution," May 2020

"Why Do Democrats Hate Donald Trump So Much?" June 2020

"Should Social Security Be Expanded?" July 2020

"Is Libertarianism Immoral?" August 2020

"A Four-Point Plan for Government," September 2020

"Donald Trump, Flag Burning, and the First Amendment," October 2020

"The Real Constitutional Crisis," November 2020

"Conservative Principles," December 2020

"Non-Issues in the 2020 Election," January 2021

"Marijuana Wins," February 2021

"The Conflict of the Ages," March 2021

"Would the Republicans Have Saved Us? April 2021

"What Is Missing in the Arguments against a Minimum-Wage Hike?" May 2021

"The Seven Deadly Sins of Government," June 2021

"Should There Be Equal Pay for Equal Work?" July 2021

"Is There a VAT in Our Future?" August 2021

"Puritanism Then and Now," September 2021

"Predatory Pricing," October 2021

"Contactless Government," November 2021

"Equality and Fairness for All but Property Owners," December 2021

"Boosting American Standing on the World Stage," January 2022

"Time to Put Uncle Sam on a Diet," February 2022

"The Libertarian Brand," March 2022

"There Is No Federal Solution," April 2022

"Conservatism, Libertarianism, and John Stuart Mill," May 2022

"Libertarian Lessons from the Super Bowl," June 2022

"Libertarian Litmus Tests," July 2022

"It's Up to Them," August 2022

"Vouchers Are Not the Answer," September 2022

"Two Agendas," October 2022

"When Will Congress Admit Its Mistakes?" November 2022

"The Free Market Can and Should Be Absolute," December 2022

"Freedom of Conscience," January 2023

"Republican Déjà Vu," February 2023

"'Law and Order' and Libertarianism," March 2023

"America's Comeback," April 2023

"How Not to Abolish the Income Tax," May 2023

"Jeremy Bentham, Usury Laws, and the CFPB," June 2023

"Too Far or Not Far Enough," July 2023

"Tax Expenditures' Is a Misnomer," August 2023

"There Is No America First Case for Supporting Ukraine," September 2023

"Why I Will Never Change My Mind about Marijuana," October 2023

"Reform, Replace, or Repeal?" November 2023

"Conservatives, Hate Crimes, and Victimless Crimes," December 2023

"America Has a Uniparty System," January 2024

"Medicare & You," February 2024

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