Articles by Laurence M. Vance on Gun Control

"Gun Liberty and McDonald," Campaign for Liberty, July 2010

"Good for the ATF," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, February 2011

"The Irrelevance of the Second Amendment," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, March 2011

"The Cans and Shoulds of Gun Control," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, August 2012

 "Observations on the Aurora, Colorado, Shooting,", August 2012

"Support Your Local Standing Army?", September 2012

"Dangerous Dicta," Tenth Amendment Center, September 2012

"Republicans Just Don't Get It on Gun Control," FFF Daily, April 2013

"Glenn Beck Almost Gets It Right,", July 2013

"Gun Control and Drug Control," FFF Daily, August 2013

"Starbucks, Gun Control, and Property Rights," FFF Daily, October 2013

"Abolish the ATF," FFF Daily, April 2014

"Ten Thoughts on the Second Amendment and Gun Control,", April 2014

"Does the Second Amendment Even Exist?" Future of Freedom, October 2016

"Gun Control and the Second Amendment,", March 2017

See my book Gun Control and the Second Amendment, which contains nine of the above articles.