Articles by Laurence M. Vance on the Iraq War

"Eight Facts About Iraq,", January 2004

"War on His Mind,", May 2005

"It Is a Simple Matter,", August 2005

"It's Not My War!", September 2005

"Today Iraq, Tomorrow the World,", December 2005

"Do They Think It's Worth It?", January 2006

"Is Anyone Listening?", February 2006

"Weapons of Mass Distraction,", March 2006

"Dying for a Lie,", May 2006

"Fifty-four Dead Women,", June 2006

"Limbaugh Lunacy,", September 2006

"They Won't Be Home for Christmas,", December 2006

"Four Years, Four Plans,", March 2007

"The Morality of the Iraq War,", June 2007

"Counting the Cost,", July 2007

"Ending the War,", March 2008

"Five Years and Counting,", March 2008

"They Died in Vain,", March 2008

"What Happened to the War?", March 2009

"The Forgotten War,", March 2010

"The Twenty-Year War in Iraq,", January 2011

"What If Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction?" Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, February 2011

"When Will the Iraq War Really End?", March 2011

"Why They Died in Vain,", April 2011

"David E. Hickman, R.I.P,", December 2011

"Was It Worth It?", December 2011

"A Day of Dishonor,", March 2012

"The Iraq War Was a Just War,", March 2013