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"Christianity and War," October 2003

"Eight Facts About Iraq," January 2004

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"The Hampton Court Conference," January 2004

"Justice Taney on Lincoln's Suspension of Habeas Corpus," January 2004

"The Moral Case for Free Trade," February 2004

"Falwell's Folly," February 2004

"Brutus on the Evils of Standing Armies," February 2004

"The U.S. Global Empire," March 2004

"The Bases of Empire," March 2004

"The War to End All Wars," March 2004

"Tax Credit or Income Transfer?" April 2004

"Thomas Jefferson on Napoleon," May 2004

"Time for a National Review of Gas Taxes," May 2004

"The Horrors of War, July 2004

"The Myth of Republican Conservatism," July 2004

"Deliver Us from Sean Hannity," July 2004

"Jeffersonian Principles," September 2004

"Cato on the Evils of War and Standing Armies," September 2004

"Jefferson on the Evils of War," September 2004

"Guarding the Empire," October 2004

"Should a Christian Join the Military?" October 2004

"For Whom Would Jesus Vote?" November 2004

"Mises on Islam," November 2004

"Fundamentalist Foolishness," November 2004

"Christian Killers?" December 2004

"Gott Mit Uns," December 2004

"The Christmas Truce," December 2004

"The Lying State," January 2005

"The Murdering State," January 2005

"Christianity and War Revisited," January 2005

"The 108th Congress: An Analysis," January 2005

"Those Bush Vetoes," January 2005

"Four Years Growth," January 2005

"The Execution of Eddie Slovik," January 2005

"Libertarian Welfare," February 2005

"The Hebrew Midwives vs. The Christian Soldier," March 2005

"Charles Spurgeon on Christian War Fever," March 2005

"The Great Voucher Fraud," March 2005

"Are Conservatives Naive or Just Plain Stupid?" March 2005

"Are You a Christian Warmonger?" April 2005

"What's Wrong with the U.S. Global Empire?" May 2005

"The Warmonger's Beatitudes," May 2005

"War on His Mind," May 2005

"The Christianity of George WMD Bush," May 2005

"They Knew Not Where They Were Going or Why," May 2005

"The Warmonger's Psalm," June 2005

"State Sanctified Murder," June 2005

"Killing Heartily in the Name of the Lord," June 2005

"God Bless Our Troops?" June 2005

"Think, Christian," July 2005

"Our Leader," August 2005

"It Is a Simple Matter," August 2005

"This Land Is Not Your Land," August 2005

"Just Say No," August 2005

"The Problem with BRAC," September 2005

"It's Not My War!" September 2005

"The Kelo Decision and the Fourteenth Amendment," October 2005

"Senate Republican Torture Masters," October 2005

"Vicesimus Knox: Minister of Peace," October 2005

"The Early Christian Attitude to War," November 2005

"Slavery Myths," November 2005

"Today Iraq, Tomorrow the World," December 2005

"Humpty Dumpty Religion," December 2005

"The Christmas That Almost Wasn't," December 2005

"Why You Should Support," December 2005

"Do They Think It's Worth It?" January 2006

"Our 'Conservative' Republican Congress," January 2006

"What's a Christian Soldier to Do?" February 2006

"The Hypocrisy of the American Christian Soldier," February 2006

"Is Anyone Listening?" February 2006

"Minimum Wage, Maximum Intervention," March 2006

"The Wicked Bible and the Wicked War," March 2006

"Weapons of Mass Distraction," March 2006

"Is It or Isn't It?" April 2006

"The President's Prayer," April 2006

"Benjamin Rush's Peace Office," April 2006

"Beam Christians," May 2006

"Intelligent Design or Intelligent Designer?" May 2006

"The Armed Forces Day of Reckoning," May 2006

"Dying for a Lie," May 2006

"Christianity and the War," June 2006

"Fifty-four Dead Women," June 2006

"Dear Congressman," June 2006

"Blasphemy in Song," July 2006

"The Christian Axis of Evil," July 2006

"Irritating, Lousy, Liberal Republicans," August 2006

"The Hypocrisy of Christian Warmongers," August 2006

"The Conservative World Champs," August 2006

"Limbaugh Lunacy," September 2006

"How Capitalism Saved America," September 2006

"Who is Responsible?" September 2006

"Supporting the Troops," October 2006

"No, You Can't Have My Daughter," October 2006

"Deadly Oaths," October 2006

"Santorumism," November 2006

"What Republican Revolution? November 2006

"Should Christians Support Slavery? November 2006

"Bill Kauffman: American Anarchist," December 2006

"The Warmonger's Christmas Carols," December 2006

"They Won't Be Home for Christmas," December 2006

"A Christian Against the State," January 2007

"Beware of Child Predators," January 2007

"Update on the Empire," February 2007

"The Beginnings of Empire," February 2007

"Senate Republican Warmongers," March 2007

"The Anti-Federalists Were Right," March 2007

"The Anti-Federalists Were Right Again," March 2007

"Four Years, Four Plans," March 2007

"Will Ron Paul Be the Candidate of the Christian Right?" April 2007

"The Anti-Federalists on Standing Armies," May 2007

"The Unholy Desire of Christians to Legitimize Killing in War" May 2007

"The Morality of the Iraq War," June 2007

"The Hypocrisy of Christian Militarists," June 2007

"War, Foreign Policy, and the Church," June 2007

"War, Gunboat Policy, and the Church," July 2007

"Counting the Cost," July 2007

"What Happened to the Southern Baptists?" August 2007

"Not a Dime's Worth of Difference," August 2007

"DOD 101," September 2007

"Is Our Government Legitimate?" September 2007

"Do Violence to No Man," September 2007

"Should a Christian Be a Military Chaplain?" October 2007

"The Doctrine of a Christian Warmonger," October 2007

"Should Anyone Join the Military?" October 2007

"Don't Enlist," November 2007

"Veterans Day," November 2007

"An Open Letter to the Protestant Community in Behalf of Ron Paul," November 2007

"What About Hitler?" November 2007

"Have a Non-Military Christmas," December 2007

"Dr. Gates vs. Dr. Paul," January 2008

"Christianity and War Revisited Again," January 2008

"What the Church Should Be Saying About War and Foreign Policy," January 2008 (video)

"Is Ron Paul Wrong on Abortion?" January 2008

"For Christ and for Caesar," February 2008

"Accomplice to Murder," February 2008

"Ending the War," March 2008

"Five Years and Counting," March 2008

"They Died in Vain," March 2008

"Ninety-Five Years to Go," April 2008

"Heroes or Dupes?" April 2008

"Christianity in Eclipse," May 2008

"The Most Unnecessary Job in the World," May 2008

"Christianity and War," June 2008

"Double-Minded Warmongers," July 2008

"How to Prevent a War with Iran," July 2008

"Elijah vs. the State," August 2008

"J. Gresham Machen on Imperialism, Militarism, and Conscription," August 2008

"Ichabod!" September 2008

"War Hero or War Criminal?" September 2008

"The Blame Game," September 2008

"The Lesser of Two Goods," October 2008

"Faith of Our Fathers," October 2008

"Cursed Be the Christian Coalition," November 2008

"McChristians," November 2008

"The Triumph of Imperial Christianity," November 2008

"Christianity and War," November 2008 (video)

"Saying No to War," December 2008

"Herod's Henchmen," December 2008

"Must Evangelicals Be Conservatives?" January 2009

"George Bush: War Criminal in Chief," January 2009

"T.G.I.F.," January 2009

"Letter to a Christian Young Man Regarding Joining the Military," February 2009

"The Nanny State," February 2009

"Beyond Open or Closed Borders," February 2009

"The Revolution that Wasn't," March 2009

"Oh, Where Have You Been Senator Gregg, Senator Gregg, Oh, Where Have You Been?" March 2009

"What Happened to the War?" March 2009

"The Flat Tax Is Not Flat and the FairTax Is Not Fair," April 2009

"The Crime that Cannot Be Wiped Away," April 2009

"Waterboard an A-rab for Jesus," May 2009

"Christians for Torture," May 2009

"The Morality of Torture," May 2009

"Buchanan's Necessary Book," June 2009

"Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Empire," June 2009

"Separating the State from the Church," July 2009

"I Was Just Following Orders," July 2009

"The Economic Meltdown: Its Cause and Cure," July 2009

"Will the Republicans Save Us?" July 2009

"The Folly and Wickedness of War," August 2009

"Worse than Nagasaki and Hiroshima," August 2009

"Rethinking the Good War," September 2009

"Mr. No," September 2009

"The Unemployment Racket," October 2009

"Rush Is Wrong," October 2009

"The Christian's Golden Calf," October 2009

"Health Care Hypocrisy," October 2009

"How to Demilitarize Your Church," November 2009

"Military Doublespeak," November 2009

"John T. Flynn on Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor," December 2009

"Do Antiwar Libertarians Hate the Military?" December 2009

"Hope or Hoppe?" January 2010

"Should the U.S. Military Go to Haiti?" January 2010

"Warmongering vs. the Sanctity of Life," January 2010

"The Pro-Life Assault on Ron Paul and the Constitution," February 2010

"Same Empire, Different Emperor," February 2010

"Who Will It Be?" February 2010

"The Few, the Proud, the High School Students," March 2010

"The Forgotten War," March 2010

"There They Crucified Him," April 2010

"Can a Tax Be 'Fair'?" April 2010

"Is God Green?" April 2010

"The Marines Are Looking for a Few Good High School Students," May 2010

"Can a Christian Kill for His Government?" May 2010

"Every Crime Needs a Victim," May 2010

"Discrimination and a Free Society," June 2010

"What the Marine Corps Forgot to Mention," June 2010

"U.S. Presidents and Those Who Kill for Them," July 2010

"Gun Liberty and McDonald," July 2010

"The American Warmonger's Bible," July 2010

"Promises, Promises," October 2010

"Republican Hypocrisy on Obamacare" October 2010

"More Republican Pledge Hypocrisy" October 2010

"The Libertarian Pledge to America," November 2010

"NPR Flap Shows True Nature of Conservatives," November 2010

"Republican Déjà Vu," November 2010

"Thank a Vet?" November 2010

"Why Don't Conservatives Oppose the War on Drugs?" December 2010

"The Twelve Days of Christmas (Government Version)," December 2010

"Why I Pick on Republicans," January 2011

"Can U.S. Foreign Policy Be Fixed?" January 2011

"Michael Moore Is Right," January 2011

"Noah's Ark and the Sanctity of Private Property," January 2011

"The Twenty-Year War in Iraq," January 2011

"Am I Being Unfair to the Republican Liberty Caucus?" January 2011

"Pro-Lifers for Mass Murder," January 2011

"The Greatest Christian Warmonger of All Time," February 2011

"A Christian Warmonger on Steroids," February 2011

"Should Gays and Lesbians Serve in the Military?" February 2011

"Glenn Beck's Non-Solutions," March 2011

"The Fluoridation Question Revisited," March 2011

"Is Libertarianism Compatible with Religion?" March 2011

"When Will the Iraq War Really End?" March 2011

"Our Men and Women in Uniform," April 2011

"The Criminality of War," April 2011

"Why They Died in Vain," April 2011

"Is There a Right to Live Where You Choose?" May 2011

"Is GE Paying Its Fair Share?" May 2011

"Thoughts on the Killing of Osama bin Laden," May 2011

"Killing Is Your Life Work," May 2011

"The Flat Tax Is Not Flat and the FairTax Is Not Fair," May 2011

"A Christian Killer Par Excellence," May 2011

"Signs of the Times," May 2011

"Oxymoronic or Moronic?" June 2011

"The Warmonger's Fruit of the Spirit," June 2011

"The Warmonger's Lexicon," July 2011

"Thank You for Your Service?" July 2011

"Christianity, Politics, and Murray Rothbard," July 2011

"Stay Home, Gabby, Stay Home," August 2011

"Nuke 'Em and God Will Bless You," August 2011

"Christianity and War," August 2011

"Cursed Be Unconditional Obedience," August 2011

"Freedoms I Wish the Military Were Defending," September 2011

"Why They Hate Us," September 2011

"A Simple-Minded Warmonger," September 2011

"Are You an Imperial Christian?," September 2011

"Five Lies of the Religious Right about Ron Paul," October 2011

"Romans 13 and National Defense," October 2011

"Nuremberg, Eichmann, and Extra-Judicial Murder," October 2011

"Murder Inc.," October 2011

"Support Our Troops?" November 2011

"The Other Unconstitutional War," November 2011

"One Reason Why Christians Should Not Recite the Pledge of Allegiance," November 2011

"Republican Politics According to the Bible," November 2011

"How to Reduce Military Suicides," November 2011

"Theological Schizophrenia," December 2011

"A Budding Red-State Fascist," December 2011

"David E. Hickman, R.I.P," December 2011

"Was It Worth It?" December 2011

"The Real Problem with the National Defense Authorization Act," January 2012

"Marines, Why Do You Do This to Your Families?" January 2012

"A War Prayer for the Twenty-First Century," January 2012

"Go Ahead and Join," January 2012

"Suppose," February 2012

"Fact Checking the Washington Post," February 2012

"Pay Up or Die," February 2012

"Stupid Rule, Stupid Republicans," February 2012

"Buchanan Against the Conservatives," March 2012

"Some Caliphate," March 2012

"Should Christians Support the War on Drugs?" March 2012

"A Day of Dishonor," March 2012

"Vote Republican," April 2012

"Our Marxist Tax Code," April 2012

"Key Elements to a Successful Federal Budget," April 2012

"Future Killer," April 2012

"A Conservative Christian Warmonger," May 2012

"Should Libertarians Be Conservatives?" May 2012

"Paul Ryan's Faith-Based Budget," May 2012

"Is There a Libertarian Position on Same-Sex Marriage?" June 2012

"Romans 13 and Obeying the Government," June 2012

"The Natural Right to Be Free," June 2012

"Should Libertarians Accept Social Security?" June 2012

"Should We Ask God to Bless the Troops?" July 2012

"Libertarianism and Abortion," July 2012

"Abortion, Religion, and the Presidency," July 2012

"Observations on the Aurora, Colorado, Shooting," August 2012

"My Antiwar Odyssey," August 2012

"The Curse of Standing Armies," August 2012

"Support Your Local Standing Army?" September 2012

"Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and the Republican Party Platform," September 2012

"Join or Not Join?" September 2012

"Saving the Welfare/Warfare State," September 2012

"The War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom," October 2012

"The War on Private Property," October 2012

"And Your Point Is?" October 2012

"My View of Politics," November 2012

"The Most Ridiculous Arguments and Criticisms I Have Ever Received," November 2012

"Do Soldiers Imitate Christ?," December 2012

"Legitimate Murder?," December 2012

"So Was It Worth It?," December 2012

"The Twelve Days of Christmas (Military Version)," December 2012

"I Question Your Patriotism," January 2013

"Should Christians Support Gambling Laws?" January 2013

"Soldiers in Fantasyland," January 2013

"Ronald Reagan and Social Security Taxes," January 2013

"No, I Have Never Been in the Military," January 2013

"What Every Libertarian Needs to Know about Two Books on the Drug War," February 2013

"Hero or Murderer?" February 2013

"Murder Is Still Murder," February 2013

"Two Views of Libertarianism," February 2013

"Is God against Drones?" March 2013

"Janus Christians," March 2013

"The Iraq War Was a Just War," March 2013

"Alexander Campbell, Tolbert Fanning, David Lipscomb: A Nineteenth-Century Anti-War Triumvirate," March 2013

"Another Bloated Republican Budget," April 2013

"The 'Conservative' Republican Budget," April 2013

"War Heroes," April 2013

"The Worst Part of the Constitution," April 2013

"Should We Honor Vietnam Veterans?" April 2013

"Why Were the Bush Tax Cuts Not Initially Made Permanent?" May 2013

"Is It Okay to Kill?" May 2013

"Does Libertarianism Diminish Freedom?" May 2013

"Thomas Jefferson vs. John McCain," June 2013

"You Might Be Guilty of Military Idolatry," June 2013

"Dumb Law, Dumber Preacher," June 2013

"War, Christianity, and the State," June 2013

"Happy Military Appreciation Day," July 2013

"Glenn Beck Almost Gets It Right," July 2013

"Service or Employment?" July 2013

"Can Conservatives Be Libertarians?" July 2013

"Natural National Defense," July 2013

"Sow It Everywhere," August 2013

"How Conservative Is Your Senator?" August 2013

"If I Were a Pastor," August 2013

"Just Nonsense," August 2013

"An Asinine Proposition," September 2013

"Is Obama Gutting the Military?" September 2013

"Being a Constitutionalist Is Not Enough," September 2013

"My Iconoclastic Agenda," September 2013

"Are U.S. Soldiers Really This Dumb?" October 2013

"Christian Anti-Capitalism," October 2013

"Should the Ten Commandments Be Posted?" October 2013

"Mises Explains the Drug War," October 2013

"Am I a Pacifist?" October 2013

"An Injury to Civilization," November 2013

"Erasmus on the Evils of War," November 2013

"Erasmus on Christianity and War," November 2013

"Erasmus on the Wickedness of Soldiers," November 2013

"Erasmus on the Just War," December 2013

"Rosa Parks Revisited," December 2013

"Useless Eaters," December 2013

"The Cult of the Uniform," December 2013

"War, Empire, and the Military," January 2014

"What Have the Republicans Been up To?" January 2014

"You Can't Have a War without Soldiers," January 2014

"God's Own Party?" January 2014

"Hard Questions on the Drug War," January 2014

"Libertarian Answers," February 2014

"Walking in the Steps of a Soldier," February 2014

"Discrimination Means Freedom," February 2014

"Pray for Our Troops," February 2014

"Why Do Constitutionalists Support the Drug War?" March 2014

"Christians and the Communist Boogeyman," March 2014

"Pregnancy Discrimination," March 2014

"An Antidote to Military Exceptionalism," March 2014

"How to Avoid the Obamacare Penalty," March 2014

"Republicans and Refundable Tax Credits," April 2014

"Soldiers: Soldiers: Strippers, Smiters, Mockers, Spitters, Gamblers, Thieves, Liars, Scourgers, Bribe Takers, Assaulters, Mutilators, and Crucifiers," April 2014

"The Rotten Ryan Republican Budget," April 2014

"Ten Thoughts on the Second Amendment and Gun Control," April 2014

"I Am a Libertarian," May 2014

"Not a Libertarian Manifesto," May 2014

"Drug Warriors Are Harmful: Debunking 7 Myths of Their Own Creation," May 2014

"Shall We Abandon the Non-Aggression Principle?" May 2014

"Speak for Yourself," June 2014

"Republicans and Foreign Aid," June 2014

"Libertarian Statism," June 2014

"Why Libertarians Are Right about Drugs," June 2014

"Peculiar Ideas" July 2014

"Can a Christian Be a Cop?" July 2014

"Progressive Tax Reform," July 2014

"Military Discounts and a Free Society," July 2014

"Room for the Welfare State," August 2014

"Republicans Versus Freedom," August 2014

"Nuclear Christians," August 2014

"Bush's National Drug Control Policy," August 2014

"Expanding the Welfare State in America," August 2014

"Sound Tax Policy," September 2014

"The Libertarian Case Against Public Schools," September 2014

"Legalize Heroin," September 2014

"The Great and Unholy War," September 2014

"Guards at Concentration Camps Were Just Doing Their Jobs," October 2014

"The Authority to Wage War," October 2014

"Military Blasphemy," October 2014

"Military Bibles," October 2014

"Reflections on War by Robert Hall," October 2014

"Why I Could Never Be Elected to Office," November 2014

"Worship the Veterans Day," November 2014

"Defective Faith," November 2014

"Why Churches Shouldn't Be Used As Polling Places," November 2014

"To End the War on Drugs," December 2014

"Gross Lunches, Grosser Republicans," December 2014

"John Boehner Almost Tells the Truth," December 2014

"Remember the Service of Our Heroes This Christmas Season," December 2014

"Observations on the CIA Torture Report," December 2014

"Oh, the Folly of War," January 2015

"Why Do Some Republicans Want to Raise Your Taxes?" January 2015

"Why Would Anyone Possibly Think that the Republicans Would Ever Fix Anything?" January 2015

"Obama's Tax Proposals: A Libertarian Analysis," January 2015

"Drug Warriors Are Despicable Creatures," February 2015

"What Is the Libertarian View of Taxes?" February 2015

"In Defense of NATO," February 2015

"Sniper Theology," February 2015

"Welfare for Some, Favoritism to the Warfare State," March 2015

"The Ultimate in Patriotic Blasphemy," March 2015

"Joseph Judson Taylor: Baptist Pacifist," March 2015

"Hillary Clinton Is a Conservative Republican," March 2015

"Subsidize the Poor, Soak the Rich," April 2015

"The Drug War Litmus Test," April 2015

"The State Needs Willing Servants to Do Its Dirty Work," April 2015

"Assisted Suicide: A Problem of the Government’s Own Making," April 2015

"I'm Sick of It," April 2015

"Proud to Be a Republican?" May 2015

"What Should We Be Saying to Veterans?" May 2015

"Everything You Need to Know about the New Republican Budget," May 2015

"Why Don't Conservatives Follow Their Own Constitution?" May 2015

"Ye Shall Be As Gods," June 2015

"Serving Two Masters," June 2015

"A Constitutionalist Who Doesn't Even Follow the Constitution," June 2015

"Drugs, Libertarianism, and Ross Ulbricht," June 2015

"Jeb Bush: Enemy of a Free Society," June 2015

"Who Has Denigrated Marriage?" July 2015

"The Flat Tax Revisited," July 2015

"Where Is the Outrage?" July 2015

"Why Do Libertarians Pay Taxes?" July 2015

"Review of Ron Paul's New Book 'Swords into Plowshares,'" July 2015

"Can the Government Ban Anything?" August 2015

"The Sanders-Republican Checklist," August 2015

"Christianity, Libertarianism, and the Drug War," August 2015

"Reagan Republicans," August 2015

"Should Libertarians Vote Republican?" September 2015

"Democrats, Republicans, and the Bill of Rights," September 2015

"Discrimination and the Constitution," September 2015

"Old Testament Christians," September 2015

"Governments Don't Kill, People Do," September 2015

"Conservative Values," October 2015

"Do You Own Your Body?" October 2015

"Ben Carson: Welfare/Warfare Statist," October 2015

"Support Your Local Police?" October 2015

"Isn't It Funny?" November 2015

"America the Invader," November 2015

"Conservatism Laid Bare," November 2015

"Thank Them for What?" November 2015

"Christian Jihadists," December 2015

"There Is a Difference," December 2015

"Who Can Stop the Drive to War?" December 2015

"The Prince of Peace vs. the God of War," December 2015

"Why Does the Government Care?" December 2015

"The Forgotten Tax Increase," January 2016

"The Government Doesn't Care about Your Children," January 2016

"10 Other Things You Absolutely Need to Know about Taxes," January 2016

"Dumb and Dumber," January 2016

"Who Should Decide?" February 2016

"Real Conservatism," February 2016

"Republicans Just Don't Get it on Discrimination," February 2016

"Should Adultery and Fornication Be Criminal Offenses?" February 2016

"The Refundable Tax Credit Scam," March 2016

"Are You a Military Idolater?" March 2016

"A Blueprint for the Welfare/Warfare State," March 2016

"The School Gender Conundrum," March 2016

"Is Joining the Military the Right Thing to Do?" March 2016

"The Moral Bankruptcy of Just War Theory," April 2016

"The Line 24 Tax Deduction," April 2016

"What If the Government Followed Its Own Constitution?" April 2016

"Religious Liberty Bills Miss the Real Issue," April 2016

"Libertarian Priorities," May 2016

"Do Americans Live in a Free Society?" May 2016

"The Rights and Wrongs of Segregation," May 2016

"Hush Money and Blackmail," May 2016

"I Don't Appreciate the Military," May 2016

"The Absurdity of Gender Identity," June 2016

"The Real Heroes," June 2016

"Should Christians Support Laws Against Prostitution," June 2016

"How to End War Once and For All," July 2016

"Why I Could Not Be President for More Than a Day," July 2016

"The Military Is an Unholy Institution," July 2016

"Missing the Real Issue on Welfare," July 2016

"Beware of the $2 Drug Test that Could Cost You Everything," July 2016

"I'm a Discriminator," August 2016

"Is It Racist?" August 2016

"Libertarianism and Racism," August 2016

"Enemies of the Constitution," August 2016

"Socialism Laid Bare," September 2016

"What Libertarians Want from Government," September 2016

"Qualified Soldiers," September 2016

"Is the U.S. Military the Lord's Army," September 2016

"Republican Tax Scams," October 2016

"Are Soldiers Culpable?" October 2016

"Why No Protest over Military Appreciation Days?" October 2016

"A Libertarian Perspective on Family Leave," October 2016

"A Libertarian Primer on the Issues," November 2016

"Should Christians Vote?" November 2016

"Why I Didn't Vote," November 2016

"What Donald Trump Shouldn't Do," November 2016

"How to Increase Military Recruitment," November 2016

"Marijuana and a Free Society," December 2016

"The Freedom to Travel," December 2016

"Is Online Sports Betting in Your Future?" December 2016

"Sanctioning Evil," December 2016

"Another Feeble Attempt to Legitimize Killing in War," January 2017

"Parking Spaces and Property Rights," January 2017

"Of Course I'm a Libertarian," January 2017

"Should Everyone Have Health Insurance?" January 2017

"Marijuana through the Ages," January 2017

"Is the Moral Life of a Christian Compatible with the Military Life?" February 2017

"The Conservative Christian Lie about Obama and the Military," February 2017

"The Crime of Vietnam," February 2017

"What If?" February 2017

"Saying What Needs to Be Said about the Military," March 2017

"Discrimination Misconceptions," March 2017

"Gun Control and the Second Amendment," March 2017

"What Are the Republicans Waiting For?" March 2017

"Why Should Someone Die Waiting for a Kidney?" April 2017

"Jesus Christ vs. U.S. Soldiers," April 2017

"When Christians Sold out to the State En Masse," April 2017

"The Problem with Republicans," April 2017

"Six Other Reasons to Lower the Corporate Tax Rate Immediately," May 2017

"Trump's Tax Plan: A Brief Libertarian Analysis," May 2017

"Another Failed Republican Revolution," May 2017

"There Is No Right to Breast-Feed," May 2017

"Would Jesus Celebrate Memorial Day?" May 2017

"The Medical Marijuana Racket," June 2017

"So, Your Daughter Joined the Military," June 2017

"We Already Have a Universal Basic Income," June 2017

"The SALT Deduction," June 2017

"Patriotic Services," July 2017

"Americans Are Quadruple Taxed," July 2017

"Do Tax Deductions Violate the Non-Aggression Principle?" July 2017

"Does the Military Need to Be Rebuilt?" July 2017

"First Alcohol, Now Tobacco," August 2017

"Mission to Mars," August 2017

"How to Pay for Tax Cuts," August 2017

"How Bad Are the Republicans in Congress?" August 2017

"Are Any of Them Libertarian?" August 2017

"When Right Is Wrong," September 2017

"Price Gouging and Property Rights," September 2017

"Five Lessons from 9/11," September 2017

"Libertarianism Wins Hands Down," September 2017

"The GOP Tax Reform Plan: A Preliminary Libertarian Analysis," October 2017

"The World Will Come to an End," October 2017

"Lying Mattis," October 2017

"Are Republicans Libertarians?" October 2017

"What U.S. Soldiers Actually Sign Up For," October 2017

"The GOP Tax Reform Plan: A Libertarian Analysis," November 2017

"Conservatives and Libertarians for Higher Taxes," November 2017

"Repeal the Second Amendment?" November 2017

"Prisoners Trump Should Have Freed," November 2017

"Honoring the Fallen," December 2017

"What Makes Tax Reform Libertarian?" December 2017

"A Platform of Lies," December 2017

"So What? Christians," December 2017

"The Welfare Expanding Tax Reform Bill," January 2018

"Movies and Marijuana," January 2018

"Welfare Work Requirements," January 2018

"A Half-Baked View of the First Amendment," January 2018

"Trump: A Libertarian Dissent," January 2018

"Republican Hypocrisy on Abortion," February 2018

"Shouldn't the United States Return to Its Constitution? February 2018

"What Else Will They Learn in the Military?" February 2018

"The Reagan Record," February 2018

"Republicans Still Don't Get It on Gun Control," March 2018

"Why Not Execute Alcohol and Tobacco Dealers?" March 2018

"The Free Market at Work," March 2018

"The Free Society," March 2018

"Free Trade or Protectionism?" April 2018

"Here Are 8 Stubborn Facts on the Drug War in America," April 2018

"Does Drug Testing Violate Libertarian Principles?" April 2018

"Myrmidons," April 2018

"Senator Schumer vs. the GOP," May 2018

"Pimps in Our Midst," May 2018

"Marxist Republicans," May 2018

"Why Not Let Six Year Olds Vote?" May 2018

"The Conservative Drug War Creed," June 2018

"BJU and ROTC," June 2018

"And You Thought You Lived in a Free Society," June 2018

"Old White Guys Need Not Apply," June 2018

"Stupid Countries Restrict Trade," June 2018

"The Fourth of July Has Nothing to Do with the Military," July 2018

"Trade Myths Die Hard," July 2018

"Good Question, Good Advice," July 2018

"An Unnecessary Bill," July 2018

"Why Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned," July 2018

"There Is No Death in the Pot," August 2018

"Is Google Better than the U.S. Military?" August 2018

"Every Libertarian's Nightmare?" August 2018

"Conservatives Should Be Embarrassed," August 2018

"The Dumbest Thing Ever Said about Trade," September 2018

"Serving Two Masters," September 2018

"Don't Be a POW," September 2018

"The Most Ridiculous Argument Ever Against Free Trade," September 2018

"Book Banning," October 2018

"Ten Bad Reasons to Eliminate Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts," October 2018

"Making America Socialist Again," October 2018

"Is Educational a Constitutional Right?" October 2018

"Ten Myths about the U.S. Constitution Most Congressmen Believe," October 2018

"Voting Right," November 2018

"Thank You for Your Service," November 2018

"What the Republicans Could Have Done," November 2018

"The Way the Market Ought to Work," November 2018

"Marijuana Did Not Kill Your Son," December 2018

"My Son Is a Marine," December 2018

"Conservative Pikers," December 2018

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