Articles by Laurence M. Vance on the Military

"Brutus on the Evils of Standing Armies,", February 2004

"Cato on the Evils of War and Standing Armies,", September 2004

"The Problem with BRAC,", September 2005

"The Armed Forces Day of Reckoning,", May 2006

"Who is Responsible?", September 2006

"Supporting the Troops,", October 2006

"No, You Can't Have My Daughter,", October 2006

"Deadly Oaths,", October 2006

"Beware of Child Predators,", January 2007

"The Anti-Federalists on Standing Armies,", May 2007

"DOD 101,", September 2007

"Do Violence to No Man,", September 2007

"Should Anyone Join the Military?", October 2007

"Don't Enlist,", November 2007

"Veterans Day,", November 2007

"Have a Non-Military Christmas,", December 2007

"Dr. Gates vs. Dr. Paul,", January 2008

"Heroes or Dupes?", April 2008

"The Most Unnecessary Job in the World,", May 2008

"The Blame Game,", September 2008

"I Was Just Following Orders,", July 2009

"Military Doublespeak,", November 2009

"Do Antiwar Libertarians Hate the Military?", December 2009

"Should the U.S. Military Go to Haiti?", January 2010

"The Few, the Proud, the High School Students," Lew, March 2010

"There They Crucified Him,", April 2010

"The Marines Are Looking for a Few Good High School Students,", May 2010

"Things the Marine Corps Forgot to Mention,", June 2010

"U.S. Presidents and Those Who Kill for Them,", July 2010

"Thank a Vet?", November 2010

"Should Gays and Lesbians Serve in the Military?", February 2011

"Our Men and Women in Uniform,", April 2011

"Killing Is Your Life Work,", May 2011

"Thank You for Your Service?", July 2011

"Cursed Be Unconditional Obedience,", August 2011

"Freedoms I Wish the Military Were Defending,", September 2011

"How to Reduce Military Suicides,", November 2011

"Blue Angels Budget Blues," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, December 2011

"A Budding Red-State Fascist,", December 2011

"Outrage over Body Parts of War Dead Is Misdirected," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, December 2011

"The Real Problem with the National Defense Authorization Act,", January 2012

"Marines, Why Do You Do This to Your Families?", January 2012

"Go Ahead and Join,", January 2012

"Future Killer,", April 2012

"Join or Not Join?", September 2012

"So Was It Worth It?,", December 2012

"The Twelve Days of Christmas (Military Version),", December 2012

"Soldiers in Fantasyland,", January 2013

"No, I Have Never Been in the Military,", January 2013

"Hero or Murderer?", February 2013

"Murder Is Still Murder,", February 2013

"Timbuktu Not out of Reach of U.S. Troops," FFF Daily, March 2013

"War Heroes,", April 2013

"Should We Honor Vietnam Veterans?", April 2013

"Is It Okay to Kill?", May 2013

"Happy Military Appreciation Day,", July 2013

"Service or Employment?", July 2013

"Natural National Defense,", July 2013

"An Asinine Proposition,", September 2013

"Is Obama Gutting the Military?", September 2013

"Are U.S. Soldiers Really This Dumb?", October 2013

"Erasmus on the Wickedness of Soldiers,", November 2013

"The Cult of the Uniform,", December 2013

"You Can't Have a War without Soldiers,", January 2014

"Walking in the Steps of a Soldier,", February 2014

"An Antidote to Military Exceptionalism,", March 2014

"Speak for Yourself,", June 2014

"Guards at Concentration Camps Were Just Doing Their Jobs," Lew, October 2014

"Worship the Veterans Day,", November 2014

"Remember the Service of Our Heroes This Christmas Season,", December 2014

"I'm Sick of It,", April 2015

"What Should We Be Saying to Veterans?", May 2015

"Ye Shall Be As Gods,", June 2015

"Governments Don't Kill, People Do,", September 2015

"Thank Them for What?", November 2015

"Who Can Stop the Drive to War?", December 2015

"The Government Doesn't Care about Your Children,", January 2016

"Dumb and Dumber,", January 2016

"Are You a Military Idolater?", March 2016

"Is Joining the Military the Right Thing to Do?", March 2016

"I Don't Appreciate the Military,", May 2016

"The Real Heroes,", June 2016

"Qualified Soldiers,", September 2016

"Are Soldiers Culpable?", October 2016

"Why No Protest over Military Appreciation Days?", October 2016

"How to Increase Military Recruitment,", November 2016

"Saying What Needs to Be Said about the Military,", March 2017

"Does the Military Need to Be Rebuilt?", July 2017

"Lying Mattis,", October 2017

"What U.S. Soldiers Actually Sign Up For,", October 2017

"Honoring the Fallen,", December 2017

"What Else Will They Learn in the Military?", February 2018

"Myrmidons,", April 2018

"Pimps in Our Midst,", May 2018

"The Fourth of July Has Nothing to Do with the Military,", July 2018

"The Most Unnecessary Federal Spending," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, July 2018

"Is Google Better than the U.S. Military?", August 2018

"Don't Be a POW,", September 2018

"Thank You for Your Service,", November 2018

"My Son Is a Marine,", December 2018

"The Slavery Commission,", February 2019

"Can U.S. Soldiers Be Heroes?", March 2019

"A Senseless Sacrifice,", April 2019

"Veteran Parking,", May 2019

"Serving in the Military Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health,", May 2019

"The Greatest Generation of Whoremongers,", June 2019

"What Is It that Libertarians Don't Get about the Military?, September 2019

"Military Habits,", October 2019

"Thank You for What Service?", November 2019

"The Madness of the Military Mindset,", December 2019

"What Freedoms?", May 2020

"DeFund the Pentagon," Future of Freedom Foundation Commentaries, August 2020

"I Have Never Served in the Military,", September 2020

"Does the Military Defend Our First Amendment Freedoms?", November 2020

"The Greatest Generation of Fornicators and Carousers,", January 2021

"Will Women Have to Register for the Draft in 2021?", January 2021

"The U.S. War Industry,", March 2021

"The Real Merchants of Death," LewRockwell, July 2021

"Is Dying in Military Training Worse than Dying in Combat?", March 2022

"What Americans Should Do If They Are Concerned about Ukraine,", March 2022

"Do Soldiers Protect Us?", June 2022

"Should We Love the Troops?", July 2022

"Why So Many Military Suicides?", September 2022