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"Vouchers: Worse Than the Status Quo," December 2003

"Mises's Words," January 2004

"Minimum Wage, Maximum Intervention," January 2005

"The Enduring Legacy of Ludwig von Mises," March  2005

"Milton Friedman in His Own Words," April 2005

"Walter Block on Canada's Military," July 2005

"Florida's Sales Tax Holiday," July 2005

"A Visit to Karl Marx's Apartment," August 2005

"The Kelo Backlash Begins," August 2005

"The Handicapped against Handicapped Parking," August 2005

"The JLS: Then and Now," September 2005

"Roy Blunt Becomes a Free Trader (for now)," September 2005

"The Francis Wayland Institute," October 2005

"FairTax New Math," December 2005

"Murray Rothbard R.I.P.," January 2006

"A Lesson from the Supreme Court," March 2006

"I Voted (Against a Tax)," March 2006

"The Blessings of Economic Sanctions," May 2006

"Abolish the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau," May 2006

"Book Announcement: David Lipscomb's Civil Government," June 2006

"The FairTax Rally," July 2006

"A Picture of Real Economics," August 2006

"Private Property Rights Anyone?" October 2006

"Book Announcement: Abel Upshur's 'A Brief Enquiry,'" October 2006

"Income-Tax Casuistry," November 2006

"Abolish the FDA," December 2006

"The Kelo Backlash Continues," December 2006

"First It Was Wal-Mart and Then It Was . . . Private Property?" February 2007

"Wal-Mart, Unions Unite on Socialized Medicine," February 2007

"LBJ Would Be Proud," February 2007

"The Tax that Will Not Die," February 2007

"The FairTax Rally," April 2007

"Protectionism and Other Forms of Theft," May 2007

"Voting Against Tax Increases," June 2007

"National Socialism Geographic," July 2007

"Rental Cars and Sports Stadiums," August 2007

"The Tax That's Anything but Fair," January 2008

"Another Drug War Fallacy," January 2008

"Why Not Try the Free Market?" February 2008

"Is the FairTax Fair?" April 2008

"More on the FairTax," May 2008

"FairTax Folly: A Real-World Example," September 2008

"Pelosi Uses the 'L' Word," September 2008

"The True Nature of Patents," September 2008

"The Flat Tax Is Still Not Flat," October 2008

"And You Thought Krugman Was Bad," January 2009

"More States Increasing Minimum Wage," February 2009

"Richman's Law," March 2009

"Boortz vs. Kotlikoff on the Fairtax," April 2009

"Be Happy for Tax Deductions," October 2009

"Protectionist Nonsense," February 2010

"Wal-Mart to Hire Only Women," April 2010

"Obama's Five Year Plan," July 2010

"All Things Considered . . . Except Libertarianism," July 2010

"Conservative Hypocrisy on Nordex," October 2010

"That U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement," November 2010

"Bernanke Plays Softball," April 2011

 "Free Trade or Managed Trade?" November 2011

"AT&T Ends Bid to Buy T-Mobile," December 2011

"Murray Rothbard on a Libertarian Institute," December 2011

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