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Published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Auburn, Alabama

"Vouchers: Another Central Plan," December 2003

"All Hail Free Trade (and Henry George)," August 2004

"The Misnamed Conflict," December 2004

"Vouchers: Another Income Redistribution Scheme," February 2005

"Mises Debunks the Religious Case for the State," February 2005

"The Republican Welfare State (Yet Again)," April 2005

"The Curse of the Withholding Tax," April 2005

"The Fair Tax Fraud," May 2005

"What They Won't Tell You about Capitalism," August 2005

"The State Conquers the Parking Lot," August 2005

"There is No Such Thing As a Fair Tax," December 2005

"How Not to Like Wal-Mart," March 2006

"Flat Tax Folly," April 2006

"The Fraudulent Tax," October 2006

"Francis Wayland: Preacher-Economist," February 2007

"Real Tax Reform," April 2007

"The Myth of the Just Price," March 2008

"There Is Still No Such Thing As a Fair Tax," May 2008

"Not Tax-Funded Aid to Myanmar," May 2008

"Does Capitalism Need Adjustment?" January 2009

"The Flat Tax Is Not Flat and the Fair Tax Is Not Fair," April 2009

"The Drugs of John Gray," October 2009

"Moving toward a Free Market but Never Getting There," May 2011

"Mises Explains the Drug War," October 2013

"How to Dismantle the American Empire," February 2014

"Lowering Taxes Is the Only Decent Tax Reform," September 2014

"Woodrow Wilson's Faith in War" November 2014

"James Champlin: An Early Advocate for Free Trade," May 2016

"James Champlin's Lessons on Political Economy," September 2020

"The Fair Tax Is the Tax that Will Not Die," June 2022

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