Articles by Laurence M. Vance on War and Peace

"Cato on the Evils of War and Standing Armies,", September 2004

"Jefferson on the Evils of War,", September 2004

"Benjamin Rush's Peace Office,", April 2006

"The Warmonger's Christmas Carols,", December 2006

"Saying No to War,", December 2008

"The Crime that Cannot Be Wiped Away,", April 2009

"The Folly and Wickedness of War,", August 2009

"The Warmonger's Lexicon,", July 2011

"Stay Home, Gabby, Stay Home,", August 2011

"The Most Ridiculous Arguments and Criticisms I Have Ever Received,", November 2012

"I Question Your Patriotism,", January 2013

"Am I a Pacifist?", October 2013

"Erasmus on the Evils of War,", November 2013

"Erasmus on the Just War,", December 2013

"The Authority to Wage War,", October 2014

"Review of Ron Paul's New Book 'Swords into Plowshares,'" The New American, August 24, 2014

"The Moral Bankruptcy of Just War Theory,", April 2016

"How to End War Once and For All,", July 2016

"Another Feeble Attempt to Legitimize Killing in War,", January 2017