Classic Reprints, an imprint of Vance Publications, reprints old and rare books and journal articles that are considered profitable for scholarly research. Most of the works selected for reprint are from the nineteenth century, and have therefore been out of print for many years. All books and articles are digitally reproduced "as is"-- nothing has been altered or updated. The reader should note, however, that the quality of the finished copy ultimately depends on the quality of the original, which in some cases is a well-worn book or journal or a microfilm copy of the same. The opinions expressed by each individual author are not necessarily those of Vance Publications. All books are reproduced one original page per page (not two pages sideways) in a slightly enlarged 8.5 x 11 size. Books over 250 pages are bound with a hardcover binding and endsheets. Books under 250 pages are bound with a plastic comb binding. Either way, the title and author of the book appear on the spine. All books are shipped postage paid.

Subject: Biography

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Classic Reprints No. 17
John Wycliffe
By Daniel Curry and C. E. Barrows

1853, 1879
69 pages

Two nineteenth-century Baptist ministers each provide concise yet supplementary biographies of John Wycliffe and his role in translating the Bible into English.

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Classic Reprints No. 19
Cardinal Ximenes: Statesman, Ecclesiastic, Soldier, and Man of Letters, with an Account of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible
By James P. R. Lyell

142 pages

The life of Cardinal Ximenes, editor of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible, published in 1522, with an account of that version. Illustrated with fourteen plates, and supplemented by a listing of existing copies of the Complutensian Polyglot.

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Classic Reprints No. 25
Luther as a Bible Translator
By Edward Rhiem and L. Franklin Gruber

1884, 1923
44 pages

Two articles on Luther and his Bible. The first is an analysis of Luther as a Bible translator and the effect of his Bible on the German language. It is translated from the German, and originally appeared in The Baptist Quarterly Review. The second is a quadricentennial study of Luther's New Testament reprinted from Bibliotheca Sacra.

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Classic Reprints No. 26
Thomas Aquinas
By Richard M. Nott

41 pages

Originally appearing in The Baptist Review, this series of two articles by the nineteenth-century Baptist minister Richard Nott is an account of the life and legacy of the Roman Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas from a Baptist point of view.

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Classic Reprints No. 27
Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuits
By J. R. Henderson, et al.

1841, 1843, 1884
92 pages

A compilation of articles by three nineteenth-century Baptist ministers on the history, principles, and policies of the Roman Catholic order of the Jesuits, and their founder, Ignatius Loyola.

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Classic Reprints No. 39
Mohammed and Mohammedism
By Enoch Pond, et al.

1840, 1877
40 pages

Two articles on the founder, history, and doctrines of Mohammedism by two nineteenth-century Baptist ministers.

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Classic Reprints No. 62
Tischendorf and Tregelles
By Ezra Abbot

34 pages

Brief biographical sketches of Lobegott Friedrich Constantin Tischendorf (1815-1874) and Samuel Prideaux Tregelles (1813-1875), two of the leading Greek scholars and textual critics of the nineteenth century. What is unique about these sketches, written soon after the deaths of Tischendorf and Tregelles, is that they were written by Ezra Abbot (1819-1884), who was not only a contemporary, but a fellow Greek scholar and textual critic.

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Classic Reprints No. 66
Desiderius Erasmus
By Robert Falconer, et. al

1858, 1862, 1936, 1937
102 pages

Five articles on life, character, writings, and literary influence of Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536), the editor of the first published edition of the Greek New Testament. Three articles were written on the occasion of the four hundredth anniversary of his death..

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Classic Reprints No. 110
Vicesimus Knox on War and Peace
By Vicesimus Knox
1793, 1795, c.1800, 1824
65 pages

Vicesimus Knox (1752-1821) was an English minister who ran afoul of the British government because of his sermons opposing war against the French. This reprint consists of the preface and three chapters (X—"When Human Life is held cheap, it is a Symptom of a prevailing Spirit of Despotism," XVII— "On debauching the Minds of the rising Generation and a whole People, by giving them Military Notions in a free and commercial Country," XXX—"The Spirit of Despotism delights in War or systematic Murder") from his 1795 book The Spirit of Despotism, an analysis of how political despotism at home can arise under the cover of fighting a foreign war; the complete text of his 1793 sermon, "The Prospect of Perpetual and Universal Peace to Be Established on the Principles of Christian Philanthropy; and an essay, "The Folly and Wickedness of War." Includes also a biographical preface and a likeness of Knox.

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Classic Reprints No. 133
The Life of Zwingli
By R. D. C. Robbins
1851, 1852
111 pages


Reprinted from Bibliotheca Sacra, this is a four-part article on the life of the famed Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1581).

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Classic Reprints No. 157
Memoir of the Life and Writings of William Tyndale
By George Offor

102 pages

This is the introduction to The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Published in 1526. Being the First Translation from the Greek into English, by that Eminent Scholar and Martyr, William Tyndale. Since editions of Tyndale's 1526 and 1534 revised New Testaments are readily available today, just the author's introduction is being reprinted. Includes an image of Tyndale, a memoir of Tyndale, a list of books "either ascribed to Tyndale, or published with his name," and "select collations of the first and second editions of Tyndale's New Testament."

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Classic Reprints No. 159
John De Wycliffe 
By Robert Vaughan
609 pages

A reprint of one of the oldest and largest biographies of John Wycliffe (1330-1384), the "Morning Star of the Reformation." Includes eight engravings.

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