Classic Reprints, an imprint of Vance Publications, reprints old and rare books and journal articles that are considered profitable for scholarly research. Most of the works selected for reprint are from the nineteenth century, and have therefore been out of print for many years. All books and articles are digitally reproduced "as is"-- nothing has been altered or updated. The reader should note, however, that the quality of the finished copy ultimately depends on the quality of the original, which in some cases is a well-worn book or journal or a microfilm copy of the same. The opinions expressed by each individual author are not necessarily those of Vance Publications. All books are reproduced one original page per page (not two pages sideways) in a slightly enlarged 8.5 x 11 size. Books over 250 pages are bound with a hardcover binding and endsheets. Books under 250 pages are bound with a plastic comb binding. Either way, the title and author of the book appear on the spine.

Subject: Greek

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Classic Reprints No. 12
The Early Printed Editions of the Greek Testament
By Cuthbert Hamilton Turner

28 pages

Focusing mainly on the text of Erasmus, this is a brief history of the early printed editions of the Greek New Testament.

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Classic Reprints No. 29
A Critical History of the Text of the New Testament; Wherein is Firmly Established the Truth of Those Acts on Which the Foundation of Christian Religion is Laid
By Richard Simon

Parts One and Two in One Volume
369 pages

Richard Simon (1638-1712), a French Catholic scholar, was called the "father of biblical criticism." His critical views of the text of the Bible anticipated the views of German rationalists many years later. Simon's work is being reprinted for its historical value rather than in defense of his opinions.

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Classic Reprints No. 96
An Account of the Printed Text of the Greek New Testament
By Samuel  Prideaux Tregelles
391 pages

A history of the printed editions of the Greek New Testament, including those of Erasmus, Stephens, Beza, Elzevir, Mill, Bengel, Griesbach, Lachmann, and Tischendorf. Includes chapters on revision and the principles of textual criticism.

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Classic Reprints No. 104
A New Method of Learning with Greater Facility the Greek Tongue
By Claude Lancelot
Two Volumes in One
754 pages

Translated from the French by Thomas Nugent in 1746, this is a reprint of one of the oldest, and most exhaustive, Greek grammars ever written. This book is reprinted two original pages per page in landscape format.

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Classic Reprints No. 109
The Text of the New Testament
27 pages

Reprinted from the North American Review, this is a detailed survey, from the critical text point of view, of the editions of the Greek New Testament from Erasmus to the focus of the article, that of the text of J. J. Griesbach (1745-1812).

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Classic Reprints No. 126
On the Rendering into English of the Greek Aorist and Perfect
Richard Francis Weymouth
56 pages

Richard Francis Weymouth (1822-1902) was a noted Greek scholar, Bible translator, and editor of the Resultant Greek Testament. In this work, which originally appeared in the Theological Monthly, Weymouth examines how the Greek aorist and perfect tenses are best translated into English. Includes an appendix on the New Testament use of gar and oun.

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Classic Reprints No. 135
New Testament Vocabulary
By Lemuel S. Potwin
1875, 1876, 1880
69 pages


Reprinted from Bibliotheca Sacra, this is a four-part article on the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament. The author examines words in Greek borrowed from Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, and native words not found in classical authors.

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