Classic Reprints, an imprint of Vance Publications, reprints old and rare books and journal articles that are considered profitable for scholarly research. Most of the works selected for reprint are from the nineteenth century, and have therefore been out of print for many years. All books and articles are digitally reproduced "as is"-- nothing has been altered or updated. The reader should note, however, that the quality of the finished copy ultimately depends on the quality of the original, which in some cases is a well-worn book or journal or a microfilm copy of the same. The opinions expressed by each individual author are not necessarily those of Vance Publications. All books are reproduced one original page per page (not two pages sideways) in a slightly enlarged 8.5 x 11 size. Books over 250 pages are bound with a hardcover binding and endsheets. Books under 250 pages are bound with a plastic comb binding. Either way, the title and author of the book appear on the spine.

Subject: Hebrew

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Classic Reprints No. 6
The Vowel-Points Controversy in the XVI. and XVII. Centuries
By Bernhard Pick

24 pages

Reprinted from Hebraica, a journal in the interests of Semitic study, this is a study of the debate in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries over the origin of the vowel points in the Massoretic Hebrew text.

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Classic Reprints No. 7
History of the Printed Editions of the Old Testament, together with a Description of the Rabbinic and Polyglot Bibles
By Bernhard Pick

70 pages

Reprinted from Hebraica, a journal in the interests of Semitic study, this is a comprehensive history of the printed text of the Old Testament beginning with the first complete Hebrew Bible in 1488.

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Classic Reprints No. 60
Hebraisms in the Authorized Version of the Bible
By William Rosenau

283 pages

Originally presented as the author's thesis at Johns Hopkins University (1900), this book contains an examination of the Hebrew influence on the language of the Authorized Version. In addition to chapters on Hebraisms, other chapters include "Proverbial Biblical Passages in Use," "Biblical Expressions in English Literature," and "Difference Between Hebraisms and English Archaisms."

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Classic Reprints No. 61
A Critical History of the Old Testament 
By Richard Simon

Parts One, Two, and Three in One Volume
The first part treating at large concerning the several authors of the Bible. The second containing the history of the chief translations of the Bible, made either by Jews or Christians. The third laying down rules whereby a more exact translation may be made of the Scripture than hitherto has been.
635 pages

Richard Simon (1638-1712), a French Catholic scholar, was called the "father of biblical criticism." His critical views of the text of the Bible anticipated the views of German rationalists many years later. Simon's work is being reprinted for its historical value rather than in defense of his opinions.

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Classic Reprints No. 128
A Dissertation Concerning the Antiquity of the Hebrew Language, Letters, Vowel Points, and Accents
By John Gill

325 pages

The title of this reprint by John Gill (1697-1771), one of the greatest scholars the Baptists ever had, sums up the contents of the work. Contrary to most modern Hebrew scholars, Gill argues for the divine origin of the Hebrew vowel points.

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