Classic Reprints, an imprint of Vance Publications, reprints old and rare books and journal articles that are considered profitable for scholarly research. Most of the works selected for reprint are from the nineteenth century, and have therefore been out of print for many years. All books and articles are digitally reproduced "as is"-- nothing has been altered or updated. The reader should note, however, that the quality of the finished copy ultimately depends on the quality of the original, which in some cases is a well-worn book or journal or a microfilm copy of the same. The opinions expressed by each individual author are not necessarily those of Vance Publications. All books are reproduced one original page per page (not two pages sideways) in a slightly enlarged 8.5 x 11 size. Books over 250 pages are bound with a hardcover binding and endsheets. Books under 250 pages are bound with a plastic comb binding. Either way, the title and author of the book appear on the spine.

Subject: Romanism

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Classic Reprints No. 5
The Immaculate Conception
By George W. Samson

24 pages

Reprinted from The Christian Review, this article by the Baptist minister George Samson presents what the Bible says about Mary followed by an examination of the Roman Catholic teachings about Mary's virginity, maternity, sinfulness, and conception.

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Classic Reprints No. 19
Cardinal Ximenes: Statesman, Ecclesiastic, Soldier, and Man of Letters, with an Account of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible
By James P. R. Lyell

142 pages

The life of Cardinal Ximenes, editor of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible, published in 1522, with an account of that version. Illustrated with fourteen plates, and supplemented by a listing of existing copies of the Complutensian Polyglot.

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Classic Reprints No. 21
A Study of the Inquisition
By J. C. Fernald

25 pages

Reprinted from The Baptist Review, this article by the Baptist minister J. C. Fernald is a brief study of the origin, practices, and demise of the Inquisition.

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Classic Reprints No. 27
Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuits
By J. R. Henderson, et al.

1841, 1843, 1884
92 pages

A compilation of articles by three nineteenth-century Baptist ministers on the history, principles, and policies of the Roman Catholic order of the Jesuits, and their founder, Ignatius Loyola.

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Classic Reprints No. 30
Peter and the Papacy
By George Samson, et al.

79 pages

A compilation of articles by four nineteenth-century Baptist ministers on Peter and the Papacy. Includes articles on the relation of Peter to the Church of Rome, Peter's confession, the temporal power of the popes, and papal infallibility.

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Classic Reprints No. 54
The Burning of the Bibles: Defence of the Protestant Version of the Scriptures Against the Attacks of Popish Apologist
By John Dowling

141 pages

This book was occasioned by the burning, in 1842, in Champlain, NY, of copies of the Authorized Version of the Bible by Roman Catholics. In this work Baptist minister John Dowling defends the Authorized Version against its Roman Catholic critics while pointing out the errors of the Roman Catholic Bible and the Catholic attitude toward the Bible in general.

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Classic Reprints No. 57
The History of Romanism: from the Earliest Corruptions of Christianity; with Chronological Table, Indexes, Glossary, and Numerous Illustrative Engravings
By John Dowling

1044 pages

A New Edition, with Two Supplements Continuing the History from the Accession of Pope Pius IX. to his Proclamation of Papal Infallibility, and his Deposition as a Temporal Sovereign, A.D. 1870, to which is Added in the Present Edition a Third Supplement, Bringing the Work Down to the Beginning of the Year 1881, by a Well-Known American Historian.

John Dowling (1807-1878) was a Baptist minister in the Northeast from the time he arrived from England in 1832 until his death at Middletown, New York, on July 4. This mammoth book is the most comprehensive and exhaustive history of Roman Catholicism ever penned. First published in 1845, this is the final edition that was published after the death of the author. The work is divided into nine books, each with several chapters, describing Popery 1. In embryo, A.D. 33-606, 2. At is birth, 606, 3. Advancing, 606-800, 4. In its glory, 800-1073, 5. The world's despot, 1073-1303, 6. On a tottering throne, 1303-1545, 7. At Trent, 1545-1563, 8. Drunk with the blood of the saints, 1563-1685, 9. In its dotage, 1785-1845. An analytical table of contents encompassing twenty pages provides a detailed overview of all the books, chapters, sections, supplements, and appendix of the work. This is further supplemented by an index, chronological table, and glossary. The book is enhanced throughout by forty-eight engravings illustrating Roman Catholic ceremonies, superstitions, persecutions, and historical incidents. To all this is added testimonials from all Protestant denominations selected from notices of the original edition. This reprint edition also includes a brief biographical sketch of the author and a review of the first edition that appeared in The Christian Review.

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