Quoted by Bruce Metzger in his book The Bible in Translation (Baker Books, 2001), p. 150

319 pages--$5.95 (paperback)

Containing a complete word-for-word comparison of the New American Standard Bible and the New American Standard Bible Update, this book provides an in-depth examination and critique of both versions. It aims to prove the blatant hypocrisy of those who maintain we should reject the King James Version because it has undergone "updates" since the original edition of 1611. It also demonstrates the folly of scholarship in promoting the New American Standard Bible for years as the most accurate translation that is true to the "originals" when the Update changes it in thousands of places. The new corruptions to the word of God introduced by the Update are fully documented. It is also substantiated that the Update has retained all that was wrong with the original New American Standard Bible. From the evidence presented in this book it will clearly be seen that it would be double jeopardy to accept the New American Standard Bible Update as the word of God. The first part of the book contains the complete history behind the New American Standard Bible and its various editions while the second contains sixty-six chapters offering a critical analysis of the New American Standard Bible through each book of the Bible. The book also contains a preface, epilogue, three appendixes, footnotes, and bibliography.

Excerpt From Double Jeopardy: The NASB Update