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These twelve essays in defense of health-care freedom were written during the period from October 2011 to July 2019 for LewRockwell.com, the Future of Freedom Foundation, and the New American magazine. Although I have written other things on this topic before, during, and since that period of time, these twelve essays encapsulate my views on the subject. 

Throughout these essays, there are seven things relating to health-care freedom that resonate: 

1. ObamaCare is an abomination. 
2. The Constitution does not authorize the federal government to have anything to do with health care or health insurance. 
3. Medicare and Medicaid are welfare and socialized medicine. 
4. It is not the proper role of government to fund, subsidize, regulate, or provide health-care services. 
5. All health-care services should be provided by the free market. 
6. No American should be forced to pay for the health care of any other American. 
7. Health-care freedom is always preferable to government intervention of any kind.

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