Third Edition, 432 pages--$21.95 (paperback)

This collection of essays on the subjects of King James, his Bible, and its translators is the result of painstaking, original research, with a strict emphasis on primary sources. Fifteen of these twenty-nine essays appeared in the first edition of this book, twelve were added to the second edition, and two are new to the third edition. Some of these essays have been previously published, and many of them have been revised and expanded for publication in this edition. 

The first four essays relate to the origin of King Jamesís Bible. Essays five through ten relate to the translators and their work. Essays eleven through seventeen explore the translatorsí finished product. Essays eighteen through twenty-one deal with the nature of the Authorized Version in the context of English Bible history. Essays twenty-two through twenty-eight address certain issues that relate to the Authorized Version. The last essay provides an overview of the King James Bible that was specifically written to commemorate its 400th anniversary.

These essays are not a rephrasing or a retelling of what can readily be found in a standard work on English Bible history. In fact, some of them are designed to correct the errors and misconceptions that are unfortunately too prevalent in the material written about the Authorized Version.

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