King James Bible Conference

with Laurence M. Vance

A Sunday through Wednesday Conference for Independent Baptist Churches


Sunday School: a lesson on "The Complete History of the King James Bible in 50 Minutes or Less."

Sunday Morning and Evening Services: evangelistic, doctrinally sound preaching that is practical and challenging. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening: A 45 minute presentation on "The History of the King James Bible" accompanied by PowerPoint slides and followed by an interactive display of facsimile editions and copies of old Bibles and manuscripts that relate to the history of the KJV.

Book table: My three books on the King James Bible: Archaic Words and the Authorized Version, The Making of the King James Bible, and King James, His Bible, and Its Translators, will be available for purchase, as well as a small assortment of my other Christian books.


Media requirements: Church needs to have projector and screen set up for PowerPoint presentations.

Scheduling: Contact me, Laurence Vance, at for more specific information about the requirements for the conference. And contact me as far in advance as possible to schedule a conference. I am only available for a limited number of conferences each year. Click here for available dates.

Content of the Presentations on The History of the King James Bible

Presentation 1: The Prehistory of the King James Bible 

Topics: King James and the throne of England, the Church of England, the Hampton Court Conference, the Reformation, the Hebrew Bible, Erasmus of Rotterdam, the editions of the Greek New Testament, William Tyndale, Tyndale NT, Myles Coverdale, Coverdale Bible, Matthew Bible, Great Bible, Whittingham NT, Geneva Bible. 

Facsimile editions and copies on display: Tyndale Cologne fragment 1525, Tyndale NT 1526, Tyndale NT 1534, Tyndale OT 1530-1534, Coverdale Bible 1535, Matthew Bible 1537, Great Bible 1539, Whittingham NT 1557, Geneva Bible 1560.

Presentation 2: The Bishops' Bible and its Relationship to the King James Bible 

Topics: Bishops' Bible, Manuscript 98, the Bodleian Bishops' Bible, Samuel Ward and his notebook, John Wycliffe, Wycliffe Bible, Taverner Bible, Coverdale Diglot NT, Rheims NT, William Fulke and his Confutation of the Rheims NT, Douay OT, the Bishops' and King James Bibles compared.

Facsimile editions and copies on display: Bishops' Bible 1568, Bishops' Bible 1602, the Bodleian Bishops' Bible, Samuel Ward's notebook, Manuscript 98, Wycliffe Bible 1382 & 1388, Coverdale Diglot NT 1538, Taverner Bible 1539, Rheims NT 1582, Douay OT 1609-1610.

Presentation 3: The King James 1611 Bible and Its Editions 

Topics: the KJB translators, translation companies, KJB translators' rules, the translators at work, John Bois and his notes, the 1611 Bible title page and preliminary material, the Synod of Dort, first biography of KJB translators, King's printer editions of KJV, Cambridge KJV editions, Oxford KJV editions, 1611 roman type editions.

Facsimile editions and copies on display: Authorized Version 1611; Cambridge KJV 1629, 1638, 1762, 1909; Oxford KJV 1769, 1833, 1911; manuscripts listing the KJB translators; manuscripts listing the KJB translators' rules; the John Bois notes; 1611 replica pages, 1611 actual page.