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These essays on educational vouchers and school choice were written during the period from December 2004 to February 2020 for the Future of Freedom Foundation and LewRockwell.com. Throughout these essays, there are seven things relating to educational vouchers and school choice that resonate: 

1. If it is not the business of government to fund public schools, then it is certainly not the business of government to fund private schools.
2. Education is a service just like car repair or hair styling.
3. Giving some Americans the choice of where to spend other American's money to educate their children is wealth redistribution.
4. He who pays the piper calls the tune.
5. Vouchers are not an intermediate step toward a free market in education.
6. Conservatives and libertarians who oppose government housing vouchers (Section 8) and food vouchers (food stamps) are terribly inconsistent when they support government education vouchers.
7. In a free society, all education vouchers for "school choice" would be privately funded.

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